Solar Energy AI

Steps for Calculating a Solar Energy System using Protona AI.

  1. Analyze Energy Use: Review electricity bills to determine your average monthly energy consumption (kWh).
  2. Assess Sunlight Availability: Check your location’s solar potential using resources like Project Sunroof ( and note any major shading issues.
  3. Estimate System Size: Use an online solar calculator for a rough initial estimate. This might give a range (e.g., 5kW to 7kW system).
  4. Optimize Orientation & Tilt: Ideally, panels face south (Northern Hemisphere) or north (Southern Hemisphere) with a tilt angle matching your latitude.
  5. Consider Battery Storage: Decide if you need backup power during outages or want to store energy for nighttime use.
  6. Get Quotes: Contact multiple solar installers comparing costs, incentives, and equipment options.
  7. Professional Consultation: Have a solar expert review your options, assess your site specifics, and finalize the best design.
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